Diecast Model Cars Are For Big Kids Too

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Diecast Model Cars Are For Big Kids Too


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Race fans and diecast hot-rod collecting are natural partners. Whether race fans ever get the opportunity to actually meet their favorite drivers, or see their cars up close, fans can still collect model cars representing the real race cars. Diecast models are especially desirable, as they are small scale replicas of the genuine hot-rods.

What Are Diecast Model Cars?

Diecast model cars made their initial appearance in the early to mid 20th century, as manufacturers created molds or dies for metal alloys, in order to cast replicas of popular hot-rods and other vehicles. Matchbox models and Hot Wheels were some of the early favorites in the 1960s and 1970s. Diecast models became increasingly popular as details improved on the models and NASCAR racing gained ever increasing numbers of fans in the 1990s.

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What Types and Sizes of Diecast Models are Available?

Diecast models exist in numerous types and sizes. They range from model cars and trucks, to planes and helicopters, to motorcycles, trains, boats, and farm and construction equipment. Racing vehicles and hot-rods seem to be the most popular among collectors of diecast model cars. Sizes also vary, from miniatures only about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length, to larger models up to 14 or 15 inches long. These sizes are available in measurements known as scales, which are proportional representations in keeping with the full-size dimensions of actual vehicles.

What Are the Scales of Diecast Models?

There more than a dozen scales used for various diecast models, but the most common scales for model cars and hot-rods are as follows:

1:12–This scale represents a model 1/12th the size of the original vehicle.

1:18–This scale represents a model 1/18th the size of the original vehicle.

1:24–This scale represents a model 1/24th the size of the original vehicle.

1:64–This scale represents a model 1/64th the size of the original vehicle.

1:128–This scale represents a model 1/128th the size of the original vehicle.

Ironically, as the scale number increases, the model vehicle size decreases. For instance, considering race cars specifically, a 1:12 diecast model car may measure about 14 inches in length; a 1:18 model may measure about 12 inches in length; a 1:24 diecast model may measure about 8 inches in length; a 1:64 model may measure about 3 inches in length; and a 1:128 model may measure about 1 inch in length.

Other considerations for collectors of diecast models in regard to scale are available investment funds and display space. Obviously, the larger the model cars are, the more funds and space you will need to purchase and display them. Some model car collectors prefer to keep their models in uniform scales, while other collectors like to have assorted sizes of model cars. Whatever your choices are, showcase those diecast models proudly, but resist the urge to “play” with them if you want to increase their value over time.

So whether you’re a fan of Dale Earnhardt Junior or Mark Martin in the NASCAR Series, Danica Patrick or Elio Castroneves in the IndyCar Series, Todd Bodine or Ron Hornaday in the Camping World Truck Series, or any other driver in any racing series, you’re sure to find diecast models representing their vehicles, along with hot-rod model cars of numerous race car drivers. Visit Diecast Models Today! Visit Diecast Models Today!

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Diecast Model Cars Are For Big Kids Too

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